Advantages of Tubel's wireless gauges to memory gauges

1. Gauge goes in downhole as an integrated system and it is a simple pup joint to the rig hands. No changes in the operator's tubing deployment procedures.

2. Wireless interface allows the test of the gauge just before installation in the well.

3. No personnel from the service company (Tubel Energy) required on site after the first installation saving money to the operator.

4. Downhole parameters for data collection can be changed just before the gauge is deployed using wireless communications.

5. Downhole parameters for data collection can be changed downhole if the operator needs to have a faster or slower data acquisition during production or pressure build up.

6. Wireless gauge does not need to come out of the well for the operator to get data. Using the receiver module in a slickline we can collect data downhole and keep the gauge in the well fully operational.

7. Wireless gauge has a configuration to acquire data in the tubing and in the annulus with a single gauge being able to monitor 2 zones simultaneously.
8. Gauge can be retrieved from the well, the data downloaded and the gauge returned to the same well or another well without the gauge being opened.

9. Multiple gauges can be deployed in a single well to monitor multiple zones. A single run downhole with the receiver can collect data from all gauges.

10. No side pocket mandrel required or kickover tools that can damage the gauges during installation or retrieval due to shock, or get the retrieval assembly stuck in the well.