Tubel Energy provides a cable based pressure and temperature system based on sapphire sensors for downhole monitoring of pressure and temperature data during production. The system uses a TEC cable to provide data in real time to the surface. The gauge is built as a single mandrel with pressure and temperature sensors for tubing and annulus measurements or for tubing only measurements.

The system is composed of the following modules:

  1. Permanent deployed pressure gauge with TEC cable interface – The system can provide 1 or 2 pressure, 1 or 2 temperature and time stamp data during production. The system can operate in the well for many years with power provided by the surface system through a TEC cable. The system uses FSK communications to provide real time data to the surface.

  2. Surface module – This module is permanently deployed at the surface. It can be operated using solar panels and it collects and processes data from downhole in real time. The system can interface with most panels to transfer the data from the well site to a remote location. The system will use Ethernet physical connection with Modbus interface to transfer data to other panels.

The system has the following features and applications:

  1. Monitor pressure and temperature data during hydrocarbon production providing real time data

  2. Detects, monitors and collects data during pressure build up.

  3. The system uses TEC cable for power and communications between downhole and the surface.

  4. Multiple gauges can be deployed in the same well and use the same TEC cable.

  5. The gauge has 2 pressure and 2 temperature sensors built in for tubing and annulus pressure measurements.