What our customer's have to say...

Tubel Energy provides customers with accurate and reliable downhole pressure and temperature data. Our customers receive an excel format of their data. We can also provide data analysis. 

Data Collection

"The gauges are basically inserted into the ID and/or OD of a pup joint of various sizes and contain batteries that can last a few years. It helped us tremendously with gathering of relevant P&T info while frac’ing and flowback (deployed on tie-back), and later we redeployed a gauge in the production string (below artificial lift if applicable). Tubel can accommodate a variety of threads as well.

In my cost/benefits analysis, these gauges are the best ones out there. They provide operational flexibility while gathering relevant and desired data.

They have an option to gather high frequency data and shifts back to longer intervals given time or pressure differences.
Data can be retrieve via slick-line with a receiver that connects to the gauge downhole (sort of a Bluetooth technology); or when string is pulled during a WO
Capture SI pressures automatically (unscheduled downtime occurs due to surface issues, or planned SI due to offset fracs)

 I hope this helps your team’s goals and can bridge the gap between data gathering, production/completion optimization, and cost reduction measures being implemented across the whole industry."

-Samson Resources