This downhole gauge is developed for monitoring production. The system is self-sufficient where power, sensors and communications are built as one tool. The new system can provide pressure and temperature measurements and generate power inside the well. A power storage module is capable of capturing,conditioning and storing the energy generated for utilization during the data transmission to the surface. A surface to downhole communications module also was developed to transmit information to the downhole gauge to provide the ability to change data rates or ask for data in a master-slave configuration. A new digital signal-processing module for the downhole tool has been proven to work in the wellbore environment and capable of differentiating signal from noise. It also is capable of detecting and processing the commands issued at the surface.

System Applications
The acoustic wireless system will open new ways to collect data and transmit the information to the surface. The ability to eliminate cables, clamps and connectors inside the wellbore will allow for the deployment of sensors in areas that previously were not accessible due to the inability to provide a continuous cable in the wellbore.

Some of the applications include the following:

  1. Deployment of the acoustic wireless tool with built in gauges in the completion string to provide pressure and temperature data for extended periods of time for formation build up tests or for maintaining optimum production pressure in the well.
  2. Injector wells. The system can be placed in the well to monitor fluid or gas injection.
  3. The Downhole Real Time Wireless Gauge can also be used to monitor the performance of the artificial lift system deployed in the wellbore. The ability to monitor downhole pressure allows the wireless system to provide information to the surface that will optimize the pump performance and automate the lifting process.
  4. Service applications where the tool will stay in the wellbore for short periods of time to obtain downhole pressure and temperature readings to optimize the fracturing, gravel pack processes as well as drillstem testing applications.