Transmission: Acoustic through the production tubing

Data Rate: 10 bits per second.

Pressure Updates: Programmable to 4 second/sample

Life Expectancy: 3 years transmitting data every 5 minutes on a single battery pack

Transmission Distance: 10,000 ft

Connections: 8 round EUE (others available at customer request)

Pressure: 10,000 psi

Temperature: 100 Celsius

Tool OD: 4.5 inches

Tool ID: 2.375 inches ( full bore opening)

Tool Length: 7 ft

Pressure Gauge: Customer specific from 1,500 psi to 10,000 psi

Resolution: 0.3 psi for a 5,000 psi gauge

Accuracy: 0.1 % of FS

Temperature Compensation: Yes at the surface

Operating Temperature: 100 C

Annulus or Tubing Reading: Both



Downhole Tool Design

The tool will be composed of the following modules:

  1. A tubing transducer to transmit the data from inside the wellbore to the surface.
  2. Data acquisition to obtain the data from the built in gauges or remotely located sensors.
  3. Pressure and temperature gauges for tubing and annulus measurements.
  4. Memory for storage of information during build up tests for transmission at a slower rate.
  5. Batteries for powering of the entire downhole apparatus.

Tool Benefits

The tool can be built in 2 7/8, 3 ½ and 4 ½ inches OD.  Modifications to the system can be made to customize the tool for the data rate transmitted to the surface, number of sensors and battery life expectancy.

Some of the benefits of the Wireless Gauge include the following:

  1. Acoustic telemetry devices do not block fluid paths in the production string, allowing for full bore access.
  2. Acoustic systems work with DC battery power being immune to lighting and other potential problems at the surface.
  3. System does not require cables inside the wellbore.
  4. System can read both tubing and annulus pressure.
  5. System can stay in the wellbore for 3 years with a single battery pack.
  6. System can optimize production.
  7. System can help extend the life of downhole pumps.
  8. The battery pack can be replace during re-work and the system can be placed back into the wellbore.

Surface System
The surface system is composed of 2 modules. They are described below:

  1. Acoustic to Electrical Converter - This assembly is located on the upper joint just below the tubing hanger. Its function is to obtain the acoustic data from the production tubing and convert it into an electrical signal. The system is connected to a Tubing Encapsulated Cable  that goes through the tubing hanger to the surface.
  2. Surface System – It provides the data acquisition, processing, display and interfaces to the pump controller or a computer. The surface system provides 4-20 milli Amperes and Modbus outputs to interface to SCADA boxes.