"Although Samson Resources planned its ESP deployments with regard to their own offset drilling and fracturing operations, offset operators’ development posed challenges which in some cases resulted in damaged downhole equipment. Pressure data from the downhole sensor was useful in understanding interference from fracs on offset wells."

"...with high frequency data to help drive operational decisions during the flowback period  can deliver optimal drawdown procedures and maximize well deliverability. This in turn maximizes time sensitive economic metrics by taking full advantage of variables like the wells completions efficiency and stimulated volume."

Managing Unsteady Multiphase Flow from Horizontal Wells with ESP Systems

by Dawn H. Darling, Samson Resources; and Denis Kutluev, Wen Hui Zhuang, and Diego A Narvaez, Schlumberger

Tubel Energy wireless gauges provide operators with critical flowback information. The following paper illustrates the imporatance of downhole data.

Real Time Half Duplex Communications Wireless Gauge with Downhole Power Monitors Deep Well Gas Production by Scott Kruegal and Paul Tubel 

"A new technology that combines sensors with wireless telemetry provides the operators with new versatility and capability to place sensors in areas of the wellbore that were prohibitive because of technical difficulties and/or economic justification.The ability to communicate in and out of the wellbore using wireless systems can increase the reliability of the production system and decrease the amount of time required for the installation of the completion hardware in the wellbore. The elimination of cables, clamps, external pressure and temperature sensors,as well as splices on the cable that can fail inside the wellbore,provides a significant advantage to existing gauge technologies."

Maximizing Well Deliverability in the Eagle Ford Shale Through Flowback Operations by Toby Deen,  Johan Daal, and James Tucker, Devon Energy

Tubel Energy Provided Downhole Gauges to Monitor Pressure and Temperature in a Horizontal Well with an ESP System