Tubel Energy provides a Wireless Memory System to monitor pressure and temperature inside a wellbore. The Wireless Systems is deployed in side pocket mandrels for monitoring gas lift applications. The gauge can also be used for monitoring the frac process, for permanent production monitoring and for well injection applications.

The Wireless Gauge System is deployed permanently in the well and it records downhole pressure and temperature information in its memory. The data can be retrieved by deploying a module in the well via slickline. The module interfaces wirelessly to the gauge and the gauge memory data is transferred wirelessly to a receiver module.

The receiver system transfers the data obtained downhole to a SCADA module located at the surface. The data is loaded into a PC for processing.

Multiple Wireless Memory Gauge Systems can be deployed in a single well. The gauges can be deployed in side pocket mandrels as a replacement to existing Memory gauges.

Wireless Gas Lift System Gauge