Wireless Production Monitoring Gauge System

Tubel Energy provides a 2 7/8” Wireless Gauge System to monitor pressure and temperature inside a wellbore. The Wireless Gauge can be used to monitor tubing and/or annulus pressure and temperature. The system(s) is deployed as part of the production tubing and stays in the well permanently operating for an average of 3 years.

The Wireless Production Monitoring Gauge stores the acquired data in its memory and transfers the data to a Wireless Receiver deployed in the well using slickline or electric line when required by the operator. The status of the data transfer is monitored at the surface in real time.

A  SCADA system receives the data from the Wireless Receiver once the receiver is returned to the surface. The data is loaded into a PC for processing.

The Wireless Gauges can detect when the well is shut in and records data in fast mode during a pressure build up or drawdown. The system continues to work in the wellbore collecting production and pressure build up data for the life of the battery pack. Multiple wireless gauge systems can be deployed in the same tubing string.

Tubel Energy Smart Systems provide accurate and reliable data in a very cost-effective and convenient package.